We are a Financial Planning and Insurance Specialist Company, with over 10 years of experience in the financial sector. We believe that financial life planning can only be effective if it's founded on a full understanding of your life goals and objectives.

Our focus is to discover your lifetime aspirations, evaluate your current and future financial resources and create a balanced and realistic plan to meet your goals.

We work closely with our clients to clearly understand their Life Goals and listen to their Aspirations both in their personal life and their business.

Precise Wealth Management is a corporate Authorised Representative of Synchron (Authorised Representative No: 306893).

Precise Wealth Management prides itself on its accessibility and their ability to adapt to your needs. We will visit you to discuss your needs at a time and place that suits you the most.

The Financial Planning Process


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1.  Initial Meeting

The first meeting is to help you decide whether we can add value to your future. We will clearly explain how we work, the services we offer and how we charge for our work.

This meeting can be done at our office at a time/date that suits you or we can organise an On-Line Video Meeting which you can access from the comfort of your own home or work. This meeting is completed at our expense.

2. Discovery Meeting

We want to listen to your immediate financial planning priorities and concern but importantly we will also take the time to listen and to understand what you want from your future.

We will discuss your existing financial arrangements and attitude to risk in order to develop a clear picture of you and your finances. The task of designing a Financial, Protection or Retirement Plan to help you achieve your goals can only be completed when we understand your priorities and beliefs regarding money.


3. Assess & Analyse

Utilising the information gathered, we analyse your current personal & business position and assess what actions need to be taken to ensure your goals are achieved.

We will liaise with your existing providers to ensure we have up to date information to create an accurate balance sheet to help you understand your current position. Your individual or Business Cash Flow Model is based on your current assets, income and expenditure and linked to your future priorities and business exit strategy.

We will focus on your vision to the future to create your Personalised Financial Plan.


4.  The Financial Plan Meeting

We now know what you want and where you want to be. During this meeting we present you with your detailed Financial Plan. We will illustrate your lifetime cash flow analysis and modelling to clearly show what actions are needed to achieve your goals.

We will clearly detail about what you need to do and provide an explanation of the options open to you.

We encourage you to ask any questions during the meeting so you fully understand how the Financial Plan will work in the future and what this means to you.

5.  Implement Plan & Recommendations

If you are happy to proceed with our proposals, we can begin to implement your Financial Plan strategy. This is an important and critical stage and various factors will need to be considered. We will manage the process of updating your existing plans and implement any agreed strategies.


6.  Monitor & Review Your Plan

We don't believe that Financial Life Planning is a one off event. We would like to be your financial planner for life and work closely with you to ensure your future objectives and goals are achieved.

Our Monitor and Review Service lets you track the progress of your plan and identify what if any adjustments are needed to ensure the realisation of your goals. This may include changes to your current lifestyle and future plans. We will review the impact of future legislation and taxation changes on your Financial Life Plan and this will include a followup meeting and annual visits.